Fine Silk

Inspired by perfume world, Oli Valenti designed silk scarves collection. 

The silk scarves designs include original arts to enhance artists, as well as the “Fleur de Lis”, representing Oli Valenti Perfumery, and the founder’s quotes with love for fragrance world, when a wearer will feel her significance, her exquisiteness and never alone:

“An exquisite perfume defines a woman’s significance!”

“Absolutely Perfume…”

“A day without perfume is like a day without sunshine…”

“You’re never alone with perfume”

“A smart woman can live without many things except her perfume”

“Enfleurage… Maceration… Absolute… Balsam…”

“Perfume… I want it all”

“Never mind diamonds, Perfume is my best friend”

“Essence…Concentrate… Parfum…”

Oli Valenti silk accessories are pure 100% silk in mulberry luxury silk satin with its shine, lighter silk chiffon in large size and silk twill in square size. “I like my scarf to be and feel generous, able to wear it every day, practical warm and light for travel, make an elegant bolero from it in cool evenings or luxury touch on events…. I always have so many compliments, wearing my mulberry silk scarf, and quotes are subjects of conversation…”

 Luxury accessories should live with us and go beyond us…Oli Valenti luxury accessories last forever…

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