Natural Couture Perfume


Pure Perfumery is in our heart, where Oli Valenti established a practice in-tune with our times: a favourite fragrance will be in-tune with your life energy.

Essential oils of natural botanicals have a structure which only Mother-Nature can put together. They have a life-force, an additional impulse and in-tune energies, which can only be found in living things. 

We went back to our roots and created a collection of luxury natural perfumery products. Artisan Perfumes of outstanding quality, character and creativity. Our Niche Perfumery created a range of purse size roll-on perfumes from pure essential oils and absolutes, purely to enjoy the scents of blossoms, herbs and woods. 

We simply enjoy the use of unusual perfumery ingredients and creating fragrance accords with character in these natural couture perfume. Rare spice extraits from all over the world, beautiful scents of flower distillates and herbal infusions take center stage in our creations.

Every perfume has been created with ingredients sourced from around the world- from Madagascar Vanilla to Sicilian Neroli blossom, as well as extracting aromatics from our orchard via my signature infusion process. Our mission is to bring Nature to YOU, well-crafted design with timeless style, with our natural healthy fine perfumes and natural fabric. 

Oli Valenti making an everlasting collector’s piece perfumes, with sustainability in mind. Styled after elegant, sophisticated art gifts, and beautiful scented objects of desire to last a lifetime, making the brand an “eco-luxury” native, a small but significant gesture in leading luxury back to its lasting nature.

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